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Limenaria, together with the settlement of Kalyves form one community. This small city is the second small state of the island. It was developed at the beginning of the 20th century due to the sheltering needs of the personnel working in the mines and by the inhabitants of the medieval village “Kastro” built on the mountain, almost in the center of the island. A prehistoric settlement was discovered near the castle. In 1922 after the destruction of Asia Minor, the Greek refugees arrived and the arrival was the onset of a new period for the city. The city is built at the southern part of the island. The rich subsoil of the area brought in 1903 the German company Speindl, aiming the exploitation of the iron ores. This company had built Palataki. The area there are many hotels and rooms to let. Furthermore the touristic infrastructure of the city is framed by banks, a telegraph office, a medical office, pharmacies, tourist agencies, car-bike rental, gas stations, taxis, restaurants, cafes and many other stores.